OTR concept is aimed at law enforcement.

We believe, however, that Security Companies can also benefit from OTR accumulated experience. This is why we have developped a specific program for them.

Interested Civilians will not be left out – their program focuses on a defensive and risk-avoidance approach.

In today’s changing world, Western societies in particular are facing a new kind of threat: imported and home-grown terrorism.

Police require new skills to fight this threat, in addition to more conventional, but still very much needed, police training.

OTR concept aims at closing this skill gap and allow for safer and more efficient interventions in a worst case scenario.

Our concept is rather unique, check it out, you will find no match.
The concept is completed in 4 steps:

Shooting, Tactics, On-site, Routine

Each component must feed the others, each component is well matched to the others. Together they create the synergetic training effect.

We bring a new method for decreasing the gaps between training and operations / routine duties

Reuven Wertheim

Reuven Wertheim

Chief Training Officer

Designer and Chief Training Officer of the OTR Program.

Reuven Wertheim is a tactical training specialist, busy training counter-terrorism police units during the last 38 years, looking for the best methods to improve the good guys’ top skills in order to perform safely their duties of securing our Swiss and European streets