OTR – Offensive Tactical Reaction

European security forces are well trained to enforce law and fight criminals, but fighting terrorism is a new paradigm. Just watch the evening news, it’s all out there.

Training methods and tactics must be adapted and enhanced to match new terror threats in European communities.

And this is not only about reacting correctly to an event. This is also about preventing the event from happening, taught to both specialized units and field policemen, the very first responders who put themselves in the line of fire.

Offensive Tactical Reaction stands for counter-terror tactics and training methods. Specifically design by years of elite security forces, facing terror threats, not criminals.

   No, we do not shoot much.   Just what is required to teach OTR tactics and get you confident in your mission.

   No, we don’t teach fancy shooting stances or sub-second mag change…

Its about the reaction of street police officer, those ground troops patrolling our streets and public centers.

Not just for Special Forces or SWAT boys.

  1. Matching training methods to the group level and skills.
  2. Considering any shooting skills and style. The concept is designed to fine-tune only those elements that are critical to the OTR Concept fundamentals.
  3. It’s a concept, not a ‘military protocol’ to be followed. It’s a tactical “tool box” for matching the right tools to each need. We like to see it as a “swiss army knife”, extending out the right blade for your specific needs
  4. Creativity in training ! The OTR concept can be practiced and trained in any facility and/or training site. It is designed to be flexible and fully adaptable for anyone, anywhere.
  5. Guns & gear – up to you. Live fire at your local shooting range. FX gear are great for LE or certified forces and paintball site can be turned into a very challenging tactical training site ! Airsoft gear (mainly gas blowback) is also a great low-budget option and can be practiced absolutely anywhere.
  6. We stand by offensive mind-set, not for big guns or massive shooting or special shooting skills gimmicks.


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