The four basic characteristics of the OTR-concept

  1. Police and security forces will train for offensive shooting
  2. Civilians will focus on tactics and evasive procedures
  3. Training a new balance of shooting without getting shot
  4. controlling situation by OTR tactics, not by massive shooting.
  5. All targets at all sessions must be reactive at all times
  1. shooting stance applications
  2. under-fire
  3. speed speed speed
  4. shoot run cover shoot
  5. breaking old lines (of training methods)
  6. 360
  7. decision in action
  8. stay in the fight
  9. strongholds fundamentals
On Site

All skills and tactics must be demonstrated and implemented in the field of operations, among them train stations, airports, malls, schools, residences, government buildings, etc…

Operations and Routine

Observing and evaluate on-going routine and normal days duties or security concern at any relevant location in order to adapt and update training schedule. We’ll keep your training days 100% relevant to your needs and most effective to get you ready for due-day !