OTR concept provides Security Consulting, an area in which the Company has extensive experience.

This service is aimed at Governments, public and private companies as well as private individuals.


For Governments, icity-hall-749381_960_720t can take the form of an audit of existing procedures (for Law Enforcement at airports, train stations, vulnerable public places), setting up training facilities and training programs. We can assist in a security audit for buildings (administrations, embassies for example), systems and procedures improvements and implementation.




company-formationCompanies may want to check the validity of their security concept, close vulnerabilities and improve the training of their staff. OTR concept can also help design the appropriate security structure from the ground up.




private-1647769_960_720Private homes can be vulnerable and risk-conscious owners may want to implement a cost-effective yet efficient procedure and/or system to increase their peace of mind. Again, larger properties can benefit from an audit of their existing security systems and procedures.