So that no law-abiding and concerned person is left out of the OTR knowledge, we have created a civilian-adapted program.

This program has been named DTR (D for « Defense ») after its « OTR » (O for Offensive) bigger brother, since citizen do not directly share the same responsability to protect society, but can, and often do, share the same interest in our Police Forces’ work and tactics.

This is why, after recognizing a strong demand from civilians, DTR was set up. The request came orginally from a group of women. Soon therafter, men followed their example.

Good standing, law-abiding private citizen with no criminal record who can show a recommendation. Final acceptance is at OTR’s discretion.

In Switzerland, by extension, weapons law will be strictly adhered to, meaning that some nationalities will not be able to join the program. Sorry, but this is the price to pay to serve all of the others. Please check (in French, German or Italian) :      (law)    (application)

Group size is limited. Interested person should check the « Contact » page of this website

  • Defensive mindset
  • 360 awareness
  • Evasive tactics
  • Public places: what to look for (« left of Bang »), what to do in case of attack
  • Covers, movement, positions
  • Getting familiar with a weapon, security rules and procedures
  • Tactics in a familiar place
  • Tactics application in a paintball environment
  • BB guns use for training
  • Shooting range operations
  • Situation at night, flashlight operation

This is a non-exhaustive list and the program can be adapted to the participants’ needs and wishes.

And lots of fun exercises !

How to use a cover - Cobalt Project Paintball Field


Sound advice


Right posture - right stability


Using cover and going in !


Watch out, he's coming at you


Shooting range safety principles and procedures


Active demo